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BunnyRanch Legal Brothel PSE/GFE FAQ

Where IS Dennis Hof's Moonlite BunnyRanch

We're located at 69 Moonlite Rd. Carson City, Nevada USA 89706 400 Miles NORTH of Las Vegas, Nevada as seen on HBO's Hit Reality Television Series CATHOUSE. Airport is Reno-Tahoe International (RNO). I'm Local & AVAILABLE for in/outdates by appointment. CLICK HERE to make an appointment via eMail right now. After we set a time & date to Party together CALL THE HOOKER BOOKER at 7752469901x0 and place a 10-100%+ ($$$-$$$$+) Deposit via Credit/Debit Card at least a week in advance. Ask the Cashier about my Sex Party Layaway Plans. We have an ATM and also accept CASH for Parties and Drinks. Smart Guys prebook and tell their Bank they're vacationing in Nevada if not local. I'm a REAL JAPANESE HOOKER not just a CATHOUSE Actress. I won't rush or judge you and I really do enjoy having hot hardcore sex & FUN with my clients. Your satisfaction and privacy are paramount. Don't try to catch me at random in Lineups: I stay busy producing BunnyRanch Television LIVE at all the Hof Ranches. You won't be photographed or broadcast unless you request to be on the Show.

How Much Does it Cost to Party with Kiteh

Legitimate legalized prostitution is currently available by law only in limited areas of the State of Nevada and nowhere else in the United States. What you saw on HBO's CATHOUSE is really true. Government regulations and legal ordinances designed to guarantee the protection and safety of the public-at-large govern virtually every aspect of the Adult Entertainment Business in America. I understand your need to know prices prior to booking me for personal hardcore sessions, but Nevada State Prostitution Laws say that I cannot quote prices anywhere outside my Private Room at the Ranch. This is true for any legal provider. What I can tell you is that most of the girls offer quickies for $$$.$$ and hours for $$$$.$$ and we really don’t like to do quickies. I am very flexible on rates, especially for overnights, outdates and pre-bookings.

WOW that's a LOT more than AMPs Charge

Sex at Asian Massage Parlors in the USA is illegal, unsafe and untested. Hof Ranches are legal, safe, and we're tested STD-free weekly by State Law. Safe-sex is mandatory. Keep in mind that BunnyRanch splits client's fees (and gifts over $75) 50/50 with the Working Girls. Quality always costs a little bit more, and we're Top Shelf all the way. The House Split goes to maintain and promote our World Class facilities. We have free limos, a full-service bar on premises and a wonderful restaurant just down the lane for dinner dates. What do you get for your money? Privacy, security and the assurance that we're not going to flash a badge at you. We really do want to make you happy so that you'll come back to see us again. You are not going to get ripped off, sued for child support, blackmailed or accused of rape. We will always give you everything you negotiate for, and our friendly on-premises management and staff will make sure that you have a safe, private and pleasurable time.

I'm Convinced How do I Hook Up with You

Email me right now [email protected] to make a date. Then call 7752469901x0 and make an appointment using your credit card to place a 10-100%+ ($$$-$$$$+) deposit with no surcharges and discreet billing. Our local airport is RNO, and you can ask the Cashier for a free Limo to pick you up at the Terminal on arrival. You can also stop by the Ranch (ring twice to avoid a lineup) and ask the Cashier to page me in. I'm local and available more often than not, unless I'm on tour in Japan or Hollywood. The Gold Dust West Casino Hotel in Carson City has a Ranch Special for BunnyRanch Customers if you aren't spending the night with us on-the-clock. Please do communicate with me both before and after you pre-book to set the time and day for our date. Our Cashier accepts credit cards and cash and we also have an ATM for your convenience. Cashiers forget sometimes so please send me a Confirmation eMail after you book, then I can put you on my calendar.

You can also get my cellphone number for free and stay in-touch with me in real-time.

What Kinds of Parties do you Offer

I do Incalls at BunnyRanch, Overnights and Outdates anywhere in Nevada. You have to pick me up and pay in-person at the Ranch for Outdates. We can't do outcalls like illegal escorts do. We can party at the Ranch, at your Hotel or residence, at a local resort hot springs, on your Yacht at Lake Tahoe or in a private aircraft. We can enjoy fine dining, adventure dates to Nevada bars, casinos and local tourist attractions. You can request fetishes, Kimono Parties, Nuru Massage, Tea Ceremony or my exclusive STD Tested SafeGFE℠ and SafePSE℠ Girl Friend Experience/Porn Star Experience Parties. Licensed Courtesans are STD-tested weekly and safe-sex is required by Law. Clients are not required to test in Nevada; you can party with me without testing. But if you've already seen me and want a more-intimate experience I've pioneered Client Testing Services for SafeGFE/PSE℠ Parties. For STD-Tested SafeGFE/PSE℠ you must STD test one week before we party using my IKMS Industry Standard TTS Gold Panel affiliate-linkcode: Referral Code: QBC481. SafePSE℠ is a 2257USC records-compliant NRS safe-sex SafeGFE℠ Party with added on-the-job training for you to become a professional Pornstar. I do all record-keeping, filming and production. You're the Star - and you do me for-real on cam. You can choose to keep your video private or authorize me in writing to release for public sale. Important: Illegal drugs are forbidden on Ranch premises. Nevada Recreational Marijuana is only allowed in private residences. Valid ID is required to purchase Marijuana at Licensed Dispensaries and you cannot transport either Marijuana or Hookers across State Lines by Federal Law. DUI is strictly enforced in Nevada, and I carry a breathalyser to protect my clients from getting busted for drunk driving. Drinking Age: 21+.

You must be 18+ to visit or work in Nevada Brothels.

Quick Links

Client Reviews

I ask Clients to not leave Reviews on 3rd Party review sites. Unethical "Mongers" and clients blackmail girls for unsafe sex acts and discount prices in exchange for positive reviews. Yelp even lets Competitors post FAKE reviews. And that Nevada 'sex message board' owned by a competing Cathouse filled with trolls? Ancient Japanese Saying: "Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know." Get your info straight from the Girl you're hot for on the BunnyRanch Forum Message Boards.

REAL Reviews from my Bunnyranch Clients:

"Who is the sexiest, sweetest, take-no-bullshit, carnal woman I know? @KitehKawasaki Miss A Number 1 Fucking Goddess!!!" ~Visiting Sex Tourist

"Kiteh is down-to-earth, sensual, and way easier to get along with than my ex-wife. She doesn't say much in person. That's because my dick was down her throat most of the time." ~ Hollywood Celebrity

"Kiteh is fun to be with. She likes to party and really enjoys sex." ~Carson City Local

5.0 Star Rating "Finally got to visit the Moonlite BunnyRanch! I had a fantastic time at the BunnyRanch! Bartender served up an awesome Bloody Mary and meeting Ms. Kiteh in person was better than expected. She's kind in person and will treat you right regardless of your background. " ~Fly-in Client Reno International

Off-Time Bookings 100% Deposit in Advance. All Deposits are Non-Refundable. There is no missed-appointment fee. Re-schedule anytime at your convenience. Satisfaction: Guaranteed.

🇯🇵 🇺🇸 Kiteh℠ KAWASAKI @KitehDotNet

This is What I Actually Do All Night Long Every Night to Earn a Living

If You Like What You See Book Me for Pornshoots, Camshows or 1-on-1 Sexparties

💌 子猫 [email protected]

America's ONLY Licensed Courtesan from JAPAN Available in USA Exclusively @BunnyRanch US Measurements: 34-24-36 Weight: 110 lbs. Height: 5'3" Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Tattoo: None Piercing: Ears Dress Size: 6-Small Shoe Size: 6.5 Ring Size: 5 Birthday: 1992-07-04 Hometown: Kawasaki City, JAPAN Currently Resides: Reno, Nevada Heritage: 100% Japanese Languages: Japanese, English Orientation: Bisexual

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