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Tested Experienced and HORNY XXX Talent

KITEH is a FEATURED BUNNY @DennisHof’s World Famous Moonlite BunnyRanch (Reno) as seen on HBO’s CATHOUSE Available Right Now in the USA & Japan by Appointment for Legit XXX Hardcore Porn Shoots & Stripclub Feature Dancing Producers and Agents: CLICK HERE to Book.

Stats: Birthday: July 4th 1992 Hometown: Kawasaki, JAPAN Heritage: 100% Japanese Languages: Japanese, English Orientation: Bisexual AV Actress & Licensed Courtesan (USA) Measurements: 34-24-36 Weight: 110 lbs. Height: 5'3" Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Tattoo: None Piercing: Ears | Kiteh is a Bilingual US Citizen listed at FSCPASS Expected USA Pay: Spiegler's A-List Scale | $2500 Girl-Girl | $2500 Guy-Girl | $3500 Anal | Scene Fees Payable at Shoot Booking Fees Vary Depending on Airfare, Testing Costs & Lodging | PReP Pre-Pay Required Before Shoots | Minimum Booking Fee US $2500.00 In Advance | Model Reserves the Right to Vet & Approve Or Deny All Co-Stars, Testing & Scripts.

US Filmography: AdultEmpire®. Accredited Performer Listed at IMDb and IAFD. JP Filmography: Domestic Market Only. Studios Responsible for All Regulatory Compliance. Member: NWU (UAW) AFL-CIO.

“Right now there are just 3 Japanese Nationals working in Porn Valley USA: Marica, Asa and me in order of seniority. I'm the only Licensed Japanese Courtesan in America. It's a lot shorter if I give you a list of the things I don't do: DV, DA, scat, blood, animals, horror, clowns, crossovers, TS/TV or anything forbidden by law. I'm domme by nature but can do sub for enough money.”

Experienced XXX Actress. US Citizen. Dominant. Available all day/night Mondays for out-of-town BG/GG/IR/GangBang shoots. Other days can be arranged if needed. I produce BunnyRanch Television LIVE W-Sa 6-7pm. I'm based in Reno, Nevada USA 400 miles North of Las Vegas. In addition to my work as on-camera talent I can assist you with production, editing, and publicity. I prefer gigs in California or Vegas due to restrictions on my available travel time. I produce XXX PSE Pornstar Experience Party POV's at BunnyRanch. If you'd like to film me there I can arrange that.

Non-Contact Still Photography $2500 Hr. 2 Hour Minimum.

I'm Cover Girl for Dream Angel Nude Magazine and a XXX Model in Larry Flynt's HUSTLER Magazine July 2019.

1 in 82 JP Girls Work in $10B Adult Industry

There is no stigma surrounding Adult in Japan. I grew up in the Japanese Adult Industry and thoroughly enjoyed it. Porn Valley in the California is barely 1/10th the size of the Japanese domestic Porn market. I went to work in Reseda just in time for the post-FREEporn anti-FreeSpeech 2016 Proposition 60 bubble-burst. I shot video with a LOT of US Producers who went tits-up in that economic chaos. Only one of those Producers managed to release a DVD: JayRock. The 'Porn Industry' in America is more of a Hobby: Day-wages, no benefits, no residuals, and no Union. Camming pays better than Porn in America. I do Porn for publicity for my Bunny Ranch biz and because it's fun. The rates I charge don't cover expenses. Since 2016 Dennis Hof and Hugh Hefner are gone. Larry Flynt is still rolling. If you can't afford to pay Actresses a living wage you really shouldn't be in this Business. My 2-cents.

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I ask Clients to not leave Reviews on 3rd Party review sites. Unethical "Mongers" and clients blackmail girls for unsafe sex acts and discount prices in exchange for positive reviews. Yelp even lets Competitors post FAKE reviews. And that Nevada 'sex message board' owned by a competing Cathouse filled with trolls? Ancient Japanese Saying: "Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know." Get your info straight from the Girl you're hot for on the BunnyRanch Forum Message Boards.

REAL Reviews from my Bunnyranch Clients:

"Who is the sexiest, sweetest, take-no-bullshit, carnal woman I know? @KitehKawasaki Miss A Number 1 Fucking Goddess!!!" ~Visiting Sex Tourist

"Kiteh is down-to-earth, sensual, and way easier to get along with than my ex-wife. She doesn't say much in person. That's because my dick was down her throat most of the time." ~ Hollywood Celebrity

"Kiteh is fun to be with. She likes to party and really enjoys sex." ~Carson City Local

5.0 Star Rating "Finally got to visit the Moonlite BunnyRanch! I had a fantastic time at the BunnyRanch! Bartender served up an awesome Bloody Mary and meeting Ms. Kiteh in person was better than expected. She's kind in person and will treat you right regardless of your background. " ~Fly-in Client Reno International

Off-Time Bookings 100% Deposit in Advance. All Deposits are Non-Refundable. There is no missed-appointment fee. Re-schedule anytime at your convenience. Satisfaction: Guaranteed.

🇯🇵 🇺🇸 Kiteh℠ KAWASAKI @KitehDotNet

This is What I Actually Do All Night Long Every Night to Earn a Living

If You Like What You See Book Me for Pornshoots, Camshows or 1-on-1 Sexparties

💌 子猫 [email protected]

America's ONLY Licensed Courtesan from JAPAN Available in USA Exclusively @BunnyRanch US Measurements: 34-24-36 Weight: 110 lbs. Height: 5'3" Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Tattoo: None Piercing: Ears Dress Size: 6-Small Shoe Size: 6.5 Ring Size: 5 Birthday: 1992-07-04 Hometown: Kawasaki City, JAPAN Currently Resides: Reno, Nevada Heritage: 100% Japanese Languages: Japanese, English Orientation: Bisexual

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