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Kiteh Kawasaki IS America's Hi-Tech Hooker

Mini-Biography Interview by a Fan...

Kiteh originally came to the States from Japan to work in Silicon Valley's tech industry. Anti-Japanese discrimination runs silent and runs deep in the State of California. Many older Chinese Americans, Koreans, white racists and surprisingly enough even some elderly Japanese Americans harbor deep and irrational resentment against Japan and the Japanese Empire. When Carly Fiorina fired 30k Hewlitt-Packard workers to outsource their jobs to China, it was the last straw and Kiteh left to work as a Porn Star in Hollywood. She experienced the same discrimination there, with the added insult of being expected to sub as a masochist to get work in porn. Just when she was about to go home to Japan in despair, she was invited to work as a First Class Escort for Dennis Hof in Nevada. Dennis changed Kiteh's life forever. In fact, he saved her life.

"That's why I loaded up the truck and drove to Bodines. Casino that is. Carson City, Nevada. Cement ponds. Movie stars," she tells me with a grin. Kiteh - Miss Kitty to her friends - has a sharp sense of humor. A million-dollar ass. And a beautiful smile.

The MoonLite BunnyRanch is world-famous as the home of HBO's hit Reality-TV Series CATHOUSE. But by the time Kiteh arrived that was already back-in-the-day. The Ranches had receded from the Hollywood Limelight into the shadowy world of Ustream. One day on the Ranch Message Boards a girl posted 'When are they starting Cathouse again?' and Kiteh posted back: 'Let's make our own TV show. There's enough talent here to run a Network.' Dennis read that - and made it happen for Kiteh and all the Girls. He sourced and purchased a modern hi-tech studio, built a team and put Kiteh in charge. The result: BunnyRanch TV seen live W-Sa 6pm PST on the Livestream network. Kiteh's videophotography and coding skills combine with A.I. augmentation and a dedicated crew of techs to make BunnyRanch a cutting-edge media juggernaut.

Japanese from Japan are rather conservative, so one Silicon Valley trend Kiteh was reluctant to adopt: Crypto-currencies.

Geisha traditionally are paid in Nibukin - tiny gold bars used by Samurai and Merchants since Edo Period Japan. While Kiteh still accepts Nibukin and prefers cash over flowers, the Bunny Ranch recently undertook an initiative to accept crypto currency, becoming the first Legal Brothel in the world to do so. So, Kiteh rolled up her sleeves and went to work coding cryptocoin miners and infrastructure for herself. She now accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge and Zcash directly for Goddess Tribute from her loyal and ever-growing fanbase.

"I entered the Crypto market because it's the future of money," she explains. "I want my Fanboys to learn to code, to learn to make a living, and to come spend the extra on me."

Kiteh knows what it's like to lose everything. She survived the Great Tohoku Earthquake, typhoons, fires and floods. Briefly homeless after the US Navy Sailor she calls Granpa passed away, she is passionate about helping her fans - especially Vets - to get and keep good jobs.

"We all end up in the same place. It's important to help make the journey there pleasant. That's my job," she says.

Outsourced to China. Shunned by Hollywood. Hooker with a Heart of Gold. That's Kiteh Kawasaki: America's Only Licensed Hooker form Japan. Love her? Show her. With crypto.

Bitcoin Litecoin Dogecoin Zcash

Kiteh uses and endorses Honeyminer mining software for coin-mining using spare CPU/GPU cycles. Please visit MOONCOIN for browser-cpu mining onine. Profitable solo-mining isn't currently feasible without purpose-built mining gear. Casual mining yields small returns but over time successful coins inflate.

Have a tip for Kiteh or want advice? Contact her directly at [email protected] for a personal response.

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"Who is the sexiest, sweetest, take-no-bullshit, carnal woman I know? @KitehKawasaki Miss A Number 1 Fucking Goddess!!!" ~Visiting Sex Tourist

"Kiteh is down-to-earth, sensual, and way easier to get along with than my ex-wife. She doesn't say much in person. That's because my dick was down her throat most of the time." ~ Hollywood Celebrity

"Kiteh is fun to be with. She likes to party and really enjoys sex." ~Carson City Local

5.0 Star Rating "Finally got to visit the Moonlite BunnyRanch! I had a fantastic time at the BunnyRanch! Bartender served up an awesome Bloody Mary and meeting Ms. Kiteh in person was better than expected. She's kind in person and will treat you right regardless of your background. " ~Fly-in Client Reno International

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America's ONLY Licensed Courtesan from JAPAN Available in USA Exclusively @BunnyRanch US Measurements: 34-24-36 Weight: 110 lbs. Height: 5'3" Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Tattoo: None Piercing: Ears Dress Size: 6-Small Shoe Size: 6.5 Ring Size: 5 Birthday: 1992-07-04 Hometown: Kawasaki City, JAPAN Currently Resides: Reno, Nevada Heritage: 100% Japanese Languages: Japanese, English Orientation: Bisexual

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