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Ain't Nothin' In This World For Free

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There are two things essential to my survival as an American Japanese adult entertainer: CASH FLOW and SECURITY. For me and my Fans. If you aren't earning enough to survive, thrive and be generous UP YOUR GAME for you first. If you can afford to be generous here's how to do it for me: Click this hyperlink, SUBSCRIBE, then use my TIP button to send cash gifts. You get access to my exclusive XXX Content available nowhere else and can order custom swag, XXX stills and/or videos.

Amazon Wishlists aren't safe for me or my Fans: they can reveal your private information to third-parties. I used the DELIVERY CODE service for years but their recoded interface made it too difficult to maintain. KitehKawaski.com has Tip links maintained by me for gifting and tribute. It's my OFFICIAL online wishlist page now. Do multiple gifts for larger amounts.

I Commute to Work in Japanese 4wd Beaters

Fix this for me Fans. They're my age. Donate to my CAR FUND for maintenance and to get me a NEW Mazda MX5RF so I can commute IN STYLE and safely. Goal: $10+ subtotal $35,605 plus taxes registration fees & options TOTAL $40,000 US.

Keep Me From Going Homeless Again Fans

When Granpa rebirthed I went homeless in USA. Dennis and Suzette saved me but I'm still living month-to-month at-risk of Homelessness. Dennis rebirthed in 2018. Suzette and I are on our own in this world now. I'd like to buy Nevada Real Estate close to the Ranch and build a Tiny House of my own. Goal: $10+ TOTAL $3,000,000 US.

Fund my Porn Studio Production Equipment

I need a new HP Video Production Laptop and updated Cameras and Equipment . Goal: $10+ TOTAL $20,000 US.

Those are my REAL Immediate Needs

But I have WANTS too. Like dentistry, contractor's and health insurance, and to visit family in Japan. You can help by giving $10+ whenever you can or by booking a Ranch Party with me and/or a Live Online XXX Show. eMail [email protected] to schedule. Want to send me something REALLY special or fund miscellaneous expenses? Tribute CASH on KitehKawasaki.com or mail your Gift to Kiteh Kawasaki C/O BunnyRanch 69 Moonlight Rd, Carson City, NV 89706. Please send a follow-up eMail to me indicating expenses, lingerie etc so I can allocate your gift as you desire. DO NOT mail cash, checks, contraband or money orders thanks. Want to me send BitCoin online? Click here.

There's ALWAYS a Catch-22 WHAT is it

There are several things to keep in mind when you send gifts. Privacy is paramount for you AND me in the Sex Trade so I use secure gifting channels only. No Amazon wishlists etc. IF you're a BunnyRanch client OR you mail real goods to the Ranch: I split Ranch gifts over $75 fifty-fifty with the House by contract like any other Bunny. I gave Dennis my 2017 House Gift Tax check for his last Birthday. Man his eyes lit up. So if ur a BUNNYRANCH MAN double-down to cover what I split with Madam Suzette.

That split is worth it for you & me: it funds our Top Shelf infrastructure and Staff. All gift 'packages' get x-rayed & opened by Security (that's ME and Team) just like Prison so if it's contraband it goes straight to the Sheriff's Office. And if it's cheap crap like fake Samurai swords I blow it up for fun at the county Gun Range mythbusters-style. Seriously - it's happened more than once.

The generousity of Fans literally keeps me afloat. There just aren't enough customers up here in The Devil's Sandbox to support me without your help. So keep those Gifts a-coming guys. I really do appreciate what you send. Some fans even send Omaha Steaks and JAL merchandise. I hate flowers in general: they're such a waste! Fattening stuffs like chocolates or cookies get given to local homeless Veterans. And don't be shy. If you send something, say something. With me, you just might get what you're wishing for.

Almost forgot: GIFT TAXES check here if you gave me more than a bazillion dollars last year. That Federal tax is on you.

Quick Links

Client Reviews

I ask Clients to not leave Reviews on 3rd Party review sites. Unethical "Mongers" and clients blackmail girls for unsafe sex acts and discount prices in exchange for positive reviews. Yelp even lets Competitors post FAKE reviews. And that Nevada 'sex message board' owned by a competing Cathouse filled with trolls? Ancient Japanese Saying: "Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know." Get your info straight from the Girl you're hot for on the BunnyRanch Forum Message Boards.

REAL Reviews from my Bunnyranch Clients:

"Who is the sexiest, sweetest, take-no-bullshit, carnal woman I know? @KitehKawasaki Miss A Number 1 Fucking Goddess!!!" ~Visiting Sex Tourist

"Kiteh is down-to-earth, sensual, and way easier to get along with than my ex-wife. She doesn't say much in person. That's because my dick was down her throat most of the time." ~ Hollywood Celebrity

"Kiteh is fun to be with. She likes to party and really enjoys sex." ~Carson City Local

5.0 Star Rating "Finally got to visit the Moonlite BunnyRanch! I had a fantastic time at the BunnyRanch! Bartender served up an awesome Bloody Mary and meeting Ms. Kiteh in person was better than expected. She's kind in person and will treat you right regardless of your background. " ~Fly-in Client Reno International

Off-Time Bookings 100% Deposit in Advance. All Deposits are Non-Refundable. There is no missed-appointment fee. Re-schedule anytime at your convenience. Satisfaction: Guaranteed.

🇯🇵 🇺🇸 Kiteh℠ KAWASAKI @KitehDotNet

This is What I Actually Do All Night Long Every Night to Earn a Living

If You Like What You See Book Me for Pornshoots, Camshows or 1-on-1 Sexparties

💌 子猫 [email protected]

America's ONLY Licensed Courtesan from JAPAN Available in USA Exclusively @BunnyRanch US Measurements: 34-24-36 Weight: 110 lbs. Height: 5'3" Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Tattoo: None Piercing: Ears Dress Size: 6-Small Shoe Size: 6.5 Ring Size: 5 Birthday: 1992-07-04 Hometown: Kawasaki City, JAPAN Currently Resides: Reno, Nevada Heritage: 100% Japanese Languages: Japanese, English Orientation: Bisexual

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